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Sun by ALO

Sun by ALO


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Original work (1 of 1)

Signed by the artist

Acrylic and mixed media on cork board

40 x 60 cm



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ALO is a self taught artist born in Italy and now living and working in London.

ALO’s work focuses on the human figure and portraiture in particular. His work first appeared on the streets of Perugia, Rome and Milan. In the past two years the work of ALO has been appearing on the streets of East London. In particular, ALO started painting portraits of people he observed in the same streets.

In ALO’s own words, “I just paint people. I like to use shape, colour and texture to describe the deeper and inner sides of human beings.”

ALO continues to create work for the street as well as for interior walls. The techniques that he employs are the same whether the work is to be displayed indoors or outside. Increasingly ALO has been utilising found materials upon which to paint and mark.

The works are informed and influenced by the fascination that ALO has for the German Expressionist movement, the raw simplicity and directness of art from Africa and the energy of Punk.

“I love Kirchner and all the art that came after. It expressed the deepest sides of us through colour contrasts and shapes that often do not correspond to the official idea of beauty that we have.”

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