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The Redstone Inkblot Test

The Redstone Inkblot Test



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 Inkblots have long proved irresistible to the human imagination. This folder contains 12 original images and a 32 page handbook.


Dimensions: 215mm x 150mm

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Inkblots have long proved irresistible to the human imagination. Open to endless interpretation, they satisfy an innate delight in the art of seeing. While The Rorschach Test was used to identify different forms of abnormality The Redstone Inkblot Test harks back to an older tradition of speculation, where personality is not the preserve of experts but an aspect of the human condition.

The test offers a completely new set of open questions for you to ponder. With each of the twelve beautiful blots come playful interpretations that may help you find out who exactly that beautiful person across the breakfast table, at the next desk, or in your mirror might be.

The folder contains 12 original images. On the back of each card is a set of speculative diagnoses. Also included is a 32-page handbook on the history of inkblots in psychology, tips on how to use the test individually and in groups, further reading, and more.

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